Published Clips

*This is a selection of my published work. Ones I’m especially proud of are decorated with bells and whistles. If you Google me, you’ll find other stuff too. 



Do Women Actually Wear Men’s Dress Shirts After Sex?

Wine-Themed T-Shirts Are for Thin, Rich White Women


What Will Happen to the Offices of Women’s Health?

Popular Science

Audio engineering is making call center robots more ‘human’ and less annoying


So You Really Want to Run Away From the Law, Huh?

The Atlantic

Should Prince’s Tweets Be in a Museum?

Pacific Standard

Writing for Television in the Age of Trump

Marie Claire

The Feminist’s Oscars Drinking Game

Hollywood Scandals: Why Men Crush Them and Women Are Crushed by Them

The Best Cultural Palate Cleansers for When You Need a Break from Binging

Jane’s Finally Losing Her Virginity on ‘Jane the Virgin,’ and Here’s Why It Should Be the Opposite of Magical


15 Mindy Kaling Thinkpieces You’ll Soon See On Your Newsfeed


What Couples in Different Relationship Stages Want From Each Other on Valentine’s Day


Scrabble with my Mom

Time Out New York

Choose Your Chuckles (PDF)

Rolling Stone

New Yorker Hoarder Found with 400-Animal ‘Amazon Jungle’

The New York Times

A Talented Acquaintance at the Gym 

The Stories

Things Are Going Great

The Philadelphia Inquirer

The increasing benefits of staying active beyond your 50’s (PDF)

The Establishment

Rules for My Baby Shower (Fiction)

The Offing

Lesson One in Aging  (Flash Fiction)

The Hairpin

Neurotica: Erotica for the Slightly Anxious  (Fiction)

The second chapter.  (Fiction)

And the third which no one cared about.  (Fiction)

Washington Post

We’re on a Friend Date. Your Undivided Attention Please 

Rachael Ray Everyday 

Pick Up, Aisle Two (from Jan/Feb 2017 Issue)


I Went To A Couples’ Cooking Class Solo & Here’s What Happened


Upper West Side Basketball Program Mentors and Coaches Future Carmelos

Parsons Pre-College Academy Lets Students Seize the Summer

WhereTraveler New York

Happiest of Hours in January 2017 WHERE New York magazine (PDF

City of Stars in April 2017 WHERE New York magazine (PDF)

Off the Beaten Path in New York City

The Best Places to Relax in the City That Never Sleeps

Enjoy New York City on a Budget

Best Candy Stores in NYC 

Sports Bars of NYC 


Some favorites: 

Cartoons Show What It’s Like to Be an Art Teacher

A Brief Interview with the Designer who Made the World’s Smallest Portfolio About His Other Projects

What Does the Librarian of Congress Do?

Teachers Transform Lockers into Book Spines

12 Pieces of Unsolicited Advice for 19th Century Girls

The Origins of the Phrase “Kiss the Cook”

10 Pop Up Books That Are Works of Art

10 ‘Udderly’ Fascinating Facts About Cows

15 Perfectly Safe Things That Were Once Considered Dangerous

7 NPR Spoofs to Get You Through Pledge Drive Season

12 Old Words to Spice Up Your Gossip and Common Complaints

10 Cases of Mistaken Mail Delivery 

20 Adult Camps for the Young at Heart

11 Logo Designs That Angered the Masses

8 Complaints About the Prom from 60 Years Ago

5 Petitions for New Ben & Jerry’s Flavors 

Could General Mills Have Trademarked Circular Cereal?

8 Complaints to the FCC About Children’s TV

Where Did the Paperweight Come From? 

All of my clips are archived here:

Even More…

How I Became the Other Woman (not a personal essay) (Thrillist

6 Etsy Alternatives to Satisfy Your Indie Artist Cravings (Paste)

A Graphic Understanding of Super Bowl Sunday (Paste)

A Mildly Biased List of the Best Podcast Logos (Paste)

See more:

The Dos and Don’ts of a Professional Summary (Levo League)

Quiz: Startup, Bar or Indie Band? (College Humor)

Intern Guidebook (Fiction) (Trop)

Backstory: Not Home Alone (Popular Photography)

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