Published Clips

*This is a selection of my published work. If you Google me, you’ll find other stuff too. See bottom of the page for the names of even more publications I’ve worked with. 


Tabloid Reporters of the 2000s Fueled an Obsession With Weight Loss. Some Say They Regret It. (Slate)

How The Other Two Makes Us Question The Meaning Of “Success” (Elle)

Nikki Glaser Found Confidence On FBoy Island, Of All Places (Elle)

How Much Does a Play Change During Previews? Just Ask ‘The Perplexed’ (The New York Times)

This ‘Othello’ Is Powered by Women  (The New York Times)

Science Is Dry, Obscure, Complex? Well, It Makes for Great Comedy (The New York Times)

Forget Fan Fiction. In Nerdlesque, the Garters Come Off (The New York Times)

Podcasts Persevere During the Pandemic (Independent Lens)

Keep An Ear Out For Podcasts At The Tribeca Festival (Tribeca Film)

What Do the Blue Men Do When They’re Not in a Group? (Vulture)

A Handwoven Tapestry Invites Interpretation Between the Threads (Hyperallergic)

An Unusual Holocaust Museum Struggles Over Its Future (The Forward)

In New York, People Can Be Landmarks, Too (Atlas Obscura)

Inflatable Saxophones, Novelty Fedoras, and the Allure of Plastic Party Favors (Atlas Obscura)

Do Women Actually Wear Men’s Dress Shirts After Sex? (Racked)

Wine-Themed T-Shirts Are for Thin, Rich White Women (Racked)

Why You Can’t Afford Your Favorite TV Character’s Wardrobe (Racked)

So You Really Want to Run Away From the Law, Huh? (Esquire)

Should Prince’s Tweets Be in a Museum? (The Atlantic)

Writing for Television in the Age of Trump (Pacific Standard)

Jane’s Finally Losing Her Virginity on ‘Jane the Virgin,’ and Here’s Why It Should Be the Opposite of Magical (Marie Claire)


How 3 major cyberattacks could have been prevented (sponsored content for Boston Globe)

On an Island and in Distress: Insurance Covers the Evacuation, Right? (Annals of Emergency Medicine)

Angels and Monsters (PDF From TIME’s The Science of Good & Evil Special Edition)

Gut Check (PDF From TIME Health)

We Asked Health Experts To Break Down How Stress Can Impact Nearly Every Part of the Body (Well + Good)

Deleting Cyber Abuse One Case at a Time (Pacific Standard)

There’s a Name for Why We Love Reward Points (Pacific Standard)

Radiolab Tackles the Epic Journey of Reproduction (Simons Foundation)

Had a strange dream? Your online audience awaits (Boston Globe)

Audio engineering is making call center robots more ‘human’ and less annoying (Popular Science)

Politics/Current Events

What Big Business Said in All Those Anti-Racism Statements: Not Much, Says Our Analysis (Colorlines)

Underpaid and at risk, graduate workers protest college reopening plans (The Real News)

Lawyers by Day, Uber Drivers and Bartenders by Night (New York Times)

Sexual-Harassment-Reporting Apps Help Stop Abuse in Global City Streets (New York Magazine)

What Will Happen to the Offices of Women’s Health? (Rewire) (Outdated) 

New Yorker Hoarder Found with 400-Animal ‘Amazon Jungle’ (Rolling Stone)

Personal Essay

No one knows what to say when I share I tried to kill myself. That’s okay. (Washington Post)

Scrabble with My Mom (Catapult) 

A Talented Acquaintance at the Gym (The New York Times)

I Went To A Couples’ Cooking Class Solo & Here’s What Happened (Refinery29)


The reason employers love online job portals (BBC Worklife)

Should You Ever Tell a Friend to Give Up on Their Dream? (

What I’ve Learned From Starting a Business for Freelancers—While Freelancing (Contently’s The Freelancer)


Skip the souvenir shop and scour an estate sale (Washington Post) [pdf]

Is It Weird For Men To Own Sex Toys They Hope To Use With Women? (Women’s Health)

Josh Hinge, Joe Tinder, Jeff Bumble. Why you should delete them all (Los Angeles Times)

6 Ways to Save Money on Prescription Drugs (TIME)

Ask the Strategist: What’s the Best-Looking Modern Menorah? (The Strategist, New York Magazine)

The Best Holiday Gifts for Bosses, According to Bosses (The Strategist, New York Magazine)

The Best Board Games for the Holidays, According to Therapists (The Strategist, New York Magazine)

How to Fix and Prevent a Sore Throat, According to Professional Singers (The Strategist, New York Magazine)

What Couples in Different Relationship Stages Want From Each Other on Valentine’s Day (GQ)

We’re on a Friend Date. Your Undivided Attention Please  (Washington Post)

Pick Up, Aisle Two (Rachael Ray Every Day)


Localization, Communities and Fandom: Why Brands Should Act Locally When Thinking Globally (NBCUniversal + SKY)


Perhaps Under Different Circumstances (Short Edition)

Lesson One in Aging  (The Offing)

Neurotica: Erotica for the Slightly Anxious  (The Hairpin)

Rules for My Baby Shower (The Establishment) 

Intern Guidebook (Trop)

Other publications: Contently, AARP, Writer’s Digest (October 2017), Time Out New York, Philadelphia Inquirer, Mental_Floss, Thrillist, Paste, Ozy, Bust, Chicago Agent Magazine, Levo League, DNAInfo, WHERE New York