Opportunities of the Week Newsletter

Interested in hearing about freelance pitching opportunities? Sign up for my $3/month weekly newsletter. I also include the occasional home-made resource such as a dropbox of magazine mastheads. The newsletter only lists freelance opportunities not full time/part time jobs unless they’re super cool in which case I might throw them in.

Why do you do this? When I first became a full time freelancer, I added the hunt for calls for pitches and writing opportunities into my nightly routine, and at this point, I have it down to a science. Originally, I would just retweet all the ones I saw on Twitter, however, in July 2018, I decided that I would turn my findings into a newsletter to help spread the word to people who don’t have the time to spend going through social media with a microscope.

I can’t afford $3/month. $3 is the suggested rate. If you can’t afford that, you pay what you can. If you can’t afford anything at all, then contact me at sonia.weiser@oppsoftheweek.com for a sponsored slot.

I see that you list some publications that are known for underpaying their writers/treating their writers poorly. Are you endorsing this type of behavior? NO! However, I include these publications because it’s not my place to decide who you pitch/what you pitch. Unfortunately, being choosy about who you write for is a luxury. Just do your research into the publication and see if it’s worth it. The freelance rates database from Contently and Who Pays Writers is helpful for that. Also look at the replies to the Tweets and see if people are mentioning the publication’s poor reputation or patterns of bad practices.

Can I post a link to a newsletter issue on my social media/in my own newsletter? I’d rather you didn’t, but you can post a link to the subscription page. https://wordpress.us18.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=585878fc96a3f3261cbf319f0&id=70d2f383b8

I want to sponsor your newsletter. What should I do? Send me an email! sdweiser@gmail.com

Can I send you the opportunities I spot on social media? I’m pretty thorough with my search, but if I’ve sent out a newsletter that didn’t include a call for pitches/freelance opportunity that you saw, feel free to send it my way. sonia.weiser@oppsoftheweek.com

I need some advice. Can you help me? I can try! Send me an email and I’ll see what I can do. sonia.weiser@oppsoftheweek.com. Please google all your questions first as there are TONS of resources online.

Is there an archive? No. Calls for pitches are often time sensitive or have deadlines for submission so an archive isn’t that helpful. Also editors are constantly changing jobs/getting hired/laid off so often the old calls for pitches are useless. However, I include a link to the previous issue in every issue.

I have feedback/questions/criticism for you. Where can I send? Send me an email. I’m willing to listen to all your thoughts.

I noticed a typo/grammatical error while looking at your website. Can I tell you? Sure!

I want to hire you for something. Are you open to that? ALWAYS AND FOREVER!

I want to know what you’ve learned from this experience: READ THIS! What I’ve Learned From Starting a Business for Freelancers—While Freelancing