A Teacher’s Duty

No matter whether you teach k-12, college, or graduate school, it is your responsibility to add the saddest movies you’ve ever seen to your syllabus. Because unless you show your students Shoah or Blood Diamond, they will never watch it. Not because they don’t understand its value. But because there is never a good time to sit down and watch a depressing movie if it’s not required. Who says, “It’s a Saturday night! Let’s sit down and watch Hotel Rwanda then stare off into space for two hours because no activity is an appropriate follow up to that movie.” 100s of sad movies will stay on their Netflix queue for weeks, years even. New movies will be added, viewed and rated. The list will get longer, then cleaned up after becoming too overwhelming to navigate. But that really upsetting, yet important movie will remain out of moral obligation. They’ll just never watch it.

So teachers, no matter what you teach, find some way to make those movies relevant. Even if they’re not. It’s your duty.


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