Ava DuVernay’s 98 Miscellaneous Crew Credits Are Oddly Encouraging

Update: I thought I had published this when I first wrote it on December 12. Apparently I didn’t. The movie Selma is now in theaters and has gotten generally positive feedback. 

Yesterday, Ava DuVernay’s new film Selma received a Golden Globe nomination for best movie. She also received a best director nod (the only woman on this year’s best director nominee list). A brief perusal of her IMDB page reveals a woman who to put it bluntly, has worked her ass off. Not only does she have 12 director credits, 11 producer credits, 8 writer credits, and a total of 12 wins out of 15 award nominations, she also has 98 miscellaneous crew credits. The credits start in 1999 as a publicist for Catfish in Black Bean Sauce. 98! That’s called paying your dues. I keep hearing that I have to take whatever opportunity comes my way and hope that it’ll lead to something, and seeing the number of credited and uncredited small roles DuVernay has taken throughout the years is proof that this grab anything method works.


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