Design Your Own Pasta and Unusual Pasta Shapes

Tired of penne? Looking for something more inspired than plain old ziti? Wish your lasagna had a bit more personality? Yesterday, August 21, Barilla, the pasta aisle supermarket staple, launched a new competition to design your own pasta. They are calling upon designers to create innovative pasta shapes that can be printed using 3D technology. The big challenge is to  find a shape that could not have been manufactured before the invention of 3D printing. The top three entries get a large sum of money (800 euros) and the winning entry gets their shape mass produced as the next line of Barilla pasta. No small victory. For more details, go to The deadline is October 20, so get a move on.

To get your mind in pasta gear, here are four less than traditional pasta shapes.


Penis Pasta from Gasworks

Not for your kids after school snack or your church’s potluck dinner, Penis Pasta is a classic on the list of male genitalia shaped food products. Available all over the internet, but you should buy it from the Museum of Sex’s gift shop because they need your money more than Amazon does.


Annie’s Bernie’s Farm Mac & Cheese

Old Mac&CheeseDonald had a farm, E I E I O. The 25 year old company gained fame with its shell shaped pasta, but has since branched out and added peace signs, bunnies, Arthur (as in the Aardvark) heads, and assorted farm shapes to its lineup of products. Bernie’s Farm collection, named after Annie’s pet rabbit and the brand’s mascot, includes rabbits, tractors, carrots, and cows.


The Pasta Shoppe’s Zoo Animals Pasta

Even vegetarians will enjoy eating the monkeys, zebras, pandas, and elephants from this bag of zoo animal pasta. For sale on The Pasta Shoppe’s website. 


E24772_800Pasta Boobs

Puzzling in shape (they look more like hearts, but I’ll let it slide. Anatomically correct pasta must be a challenge to produce. Bra shaped pasta would have worked better though. Just sayin’) but probably delicious, Pasta Boobs are perfect for any occasion as long as you don’t tell anyone what they are. Made by the same folks who are responsible for the aforementioned penis pasta, and curiously listed under “Health and Personal Care” on Amazon.


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