Amy Poehler meets Zen Pencils

Over the past few years, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey have come to be recognized as something akin to the “cool hip moms” of  comedy. At least, that’s how I like to think of them. In 2008, my nutritionist at the time told me about an interview the two did with each other for Marie Claire. To put it in context, I was (probably) complaining about some unrequited crush. She then quoted this section of the interview:

“AP: There are a lot of girls who look at you as a role model. Maybe they’re really smart and funny but aren’t quite getting a lot of boy attention, and they’re stressed out about it. What would you say to them?
TF: You know what? Let the boys practice on other girls. Let them treat other girls like crud, let them learn how to French kiss for, like, 10 years, let them give some other girl a bunch of crappy Valentine’s Day gifts, and then you just move in when they’re fully formed.”

I still tell myself this (repeatedly) and it’s 6 years later. Clearly, it’s had an impact.

On August 8, another one of my favorite things, Zen Pencils, took one of Poehler’s pieces of wisdom and illustrated it. Below is the full cartoon.


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