NYU student hosts “Apple Party,” Hopes to Improve Sex Life

NEW YORK, NY- Adam Terrell, a sophomore at New York University, was about to break up with his girlfriend. “Honestly the sex was just getting boring,” said the 21 year old Michigan native. “But then I read that apples improve sexual satisfaction so I started eating four a day.” He also urged his girlfriend to eat them, even going so far as to bribe a smoothie maker into slipping an apple into her ginger-based drink one afternoon. “He gave me this drink that tasted really funky,” said Ashley Robins, 23. “But after we hooked up in the bathroom of the Whole Foods and he told me about the article, I ordered two more!” Now, college students are binging on apples and the student health center is urging the dining staff to place condoms next to the fruit basket.

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