Binge Watching Breaking Bad Can Make You Sad

LEXINGTON, MA-It took Meredith Riggs three days to watch all five seasons of hit TV show, Breaking Bad, and the after effects weren’t pretty. “I had basically been awake and sitting in front of my computer for 72 hours,” said the 19 year old. “I even bought a catheter so I wouldn’t have to pause the show to go to the bathroom.” But what seemed like a good idea at the time resulted in this teenager’s very own nightmare. “My ankles were totally swollen,” she said as a masseuse worked to increase the blood flow in her legs. “And I’ve been put on depressants and anti-anxiety medication. I just don’t know how to respond to these emotions right now.”
“I’m concerned for Meredith’s health,” said her mother, Laura Riggs. “I’ve had to limit sitting time to only five hours a day. I made Meredith learn how to pee standing up.”

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