Shopping At Lane Bryant Makes Size 8s Feel Small

FAYETTEVILLE, AR- A recent trend at the Steele Crossing Lane Bryant has upset the staff, and it’s not hem line related. Size 8 women have started crowding the plus size clothing store, occupying the dressing rooms and trying on items that have no fitting potential. “I come here to feel better about my body,” explained Kate S., just one of the 100s of smaller women to enter the store over the past month. “When I go to stores like Banana Republic or The Gap, I see all these skinny girls trying on size 25 pants and complaining about how they are too baggy. Here I can to pretend to be tiny. The smallest size is too large for me. That’s such a great feeling!”
“I know it’s a bit unethical,” said Louisa K, another size 8. “But watching larger women complain about their fat flaps and bulges gives me a confidence boost.”
Maya Kane, the store manager, is less than pleased. “We’ve lost a lot of customers over the past few weeks,” she explained. “Large women no longer feel comfortable coming here.”
“I’m thinking about making a sign that says ‘you must be this wide to ride this ride,'” she said.

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