City Man Takes Stairs, Becomes Out of Breath

NEW YORK, NY- After the elevator broke in Dan Spencer’s midtown apartment building, he was forced to do what he had never done before: take the stairs up twelve flights. The results surprised him. “At first I was furious,” said the 52 year old investment banker. “That’s a long trek for a big guy like me.” A self proclaimed “lazy person,” Spencer hadn’t exercised since playing frisbee on the Columbia campus 30 years ago. So when he reached the 12th floor, his heart was pounding and he couldn’t breathe. “I thought about calling an ambulance, but then I realized I’d have to climb the stairs again after getting back from the hospital.” It took about ten minutes for his heart rate to return to normal, and in that time, Spencer had a realization. He was ready to move.
He now lives on the Upper West Side in an old brownstone.

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