Homeless in Harvard Square

See full beginnings of the photo essay here: https://soniaweiser.wordpress.com/homeless-in-harvard-sq/“I believe in a lot of different versions of god.”-Dee “This is my family-Always has been. I always knew if I needed a shoulder to cry on, I could find that here. If I needed a sandwich, I could find it here.” -BottleCaps“We’re here twice a week…been working with the homeless for twenty years.” -Eric from StandUp For Kids Boston  “The liberalism of the northeast is revealed because Cambridge’s homeless kids are well taken care of. People choose to come here because they are well taken care of.”-Dee “He never remembered me.”-Ella “She kept doing stuff with her hair. She looked different every time”-Jackson “I was sitting watching a street performer. I asked [Dee] for a cigarette. She said no, but said ‘Hi I’m Dee.'”-Ella

“We’re here out of circumstance. There is no initiation period, no hazing period. The initiation is becoming homeless. We share. We’re filthy but we take care of each other. Sins can be forgiven out here; we’ve all got em.”-Dee (the “homeless transsexual prostitute”)

              “We keep focus on getting out of here. I want to be an art therapist.” -BottleCaps


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